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Tremendously powerful and memorable .com domain names

If you want your business to be found, remembered and trusted, the choice of your website's domain name may be the most important business decision you ever make. 

At tremendousnames.com you will find a small, premium selection of meaningful .com domain names that can offer you a tremendous marketing advantage, whether you are a dentist who wants more phone calls from patients in your city or a national tourism organization who is poised to communicate with the world. I draw from my experience connecting domains to hundreds of businesses across the globe to carefully select these domains, many of which are considered to be the 'best of the best' for their respective markets.

A 'tremendous advantage'...

Relevant .com domain names like these can enhance and accelerate all of your marketing efforts by:

  • Helping you establish immediate trust and authority with prospective customers
  • Helping you attract more clicks, email inquiries and calls
  • Increasing your 'click-through rate' and lowering your 'cost per click' when advertising online (In other words: increasing your ROI)
  • Making you easier to recognize, remember and refer than your competitors (whether you advertise on radio or TV, on billboards or signs, in newspapers or magazines, or online)
  • Bonus: Potentially sending you direct traffic that results from prospective customers typing in and visiting your domain instead of less intuitive domain names used by competitors (i.e. You own YourCityNameDentist.com and a competitor owns and advertises YourCityNameDentist.net or YourCityName-Dentist.com)

Already have a website?

If you already have a well-established site (like most of our customers), you can dramatically boost your exposure and lead generation efforts but creating additional websites or lead-capture pages using domains that are relevant to your services or products.

For example:

- You are a personal injury lawyer, with a site at the domain name YourLastNameLawFirm.net - a domain that is quite difficult to remember, type and spell, while doing little to nothing to help you establish trust and authority with prospective customers who have hundreds of lawyers vying for their attention.

- After talking to lawyer friend who got good results from using a relevant domain purchased at tremendousnames.com, you decide to buy the memorable and authoritative domains YourCityNameInjuryLawyer.com and YourCityNameCarAccidentLawyer.com from us.

- You hire an accomplished online marketing agency to build websites on both of these domains that are optimized for the search engines and for conversions.

- As a result, you are more visible in the search engines, more prospective clients notice and visit your site, and more of those visitors are calling or emailing you! In addition, your bus and bench ads, which now display one of your new domains, are also generating more calls, resulting in more new cases!

Or maybe...

- You own a company that rents Villas in your area to tourists from around the world, and you are using a domain name like XYZVilas.com.   

- You visit the domain name YourCityVillas.com and notice it is now available to purchase from tremendousnames.com and you snap it up.  

- You set this domain name to forward to your website (a free service offered by your domain registrar) and use it in your online and magazine advertising campaigns. 

- All of your ads are generating more calls and email inquiries, your 'cost per click' is lower and your ROI increases significantly!  

Don't see the right name?

While we do specialize in supplying business domains for a few specific markets (including dentists, lawyers, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, real estate and tourism), no matter what kind of business you have I will be glad to help you find just the right name. If you search our site and don't find a suitable domain, I still may be able to find it for you, so feel free to call (403-241-3910) or email me (sasha@tremendousnames.com) directly.   

Sasha Konotopetz   

Owner and 'chief domain name selector', tremendousnames.com